Profile Information

  • Gender:   Female
  • Age:   12
  • Country:  

    United Kingdom

  • Languages Known:  

    English, Spanish

  • Height:   173cm/5ft 8inch
  • Chest:   36
  • Bust:   35
  • Waist:   32
  • Dress Size:   M/38
  • Shoe Size:   7
  • Hair Color:   Black
  • Skin Color:   Brown
  • Eye Color:   Brown
  • Hair Type:   Medium
  • My Services:   TV commercials, Radio commercials, Movie trailers, Channel voicing, Brand Ambassador, Background Actor, Cat Walks, Commercial Modeling, Editorials, Hair Modeling, Host/ TV Presenter, Instragram Model, Promotional Model, and Swimming Suit Modeling
  • Additional Skills:   Dancing, Dialog Delivery, Photography, Public Speaking, Sports, and Writing
  • Model Type:   Fashion Model, Catwalk Model, Commercial Model, Child Model, Fitness Model, Hair Model, and Catalogue Model
  • Actor type:   Event actors, Short Film Actor, and Theatre actor


Child Model/Actor/Radio Presenter/ Amateur Photographer
Interests: travel, photography, music, fashion

Affirmed Leader / Role model

Good sense of humour, articulate and gregarious with a passion for fashion and modelling. I believe I can create your most desired image and be an outstanding Ambassador for any brand.

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