Evelyn G


Evelyn G

Profile Information

  • Gender:   Female
  • Age:   54
  • Country:  

    United Kingdom

  • Languages Known:  


  • Height:   175cm/5ft 9inch
  • Bust:   36
  • Waist:   30
  • Dress Size:   M/38
  • Shoe Size:   7.5
  • Hair Color:   Dark Brown
  • Skin Color:   Light
  • Eye Color:   Brown
  • Hair Type:   Short
  • My Services:   Radio commercials, Background Actor, Body Parts Modeling, Commercial Modeling, Editorials, Hair Modeling, and Instragram Model
  • Model Type:   Fashion Model, Hair Model, Body Parts Model, and Catalogue Model
  • Actor type:   Short Film Actor and Voice Actor


Hi, I’m a confident outgoing lady who loves life and is looking to try something new and creative.  I have made some attempts when I was younger to do some modelling due to my height and encouragement from my family who also had some film extra/modelling experience, however having approached several modelling agencies I was told I was too curvy for catwalk and would only suit glamour modelling.  Back then, it meant topless modelling, something I didn’t want to do.  I didn’t realise that there were so many other options as there are now,  hence trying again.  I would like to try being a film extra,  catalogue modelling or hair/body modelling.  I’ve had some experience with editorial work, when I took part in a programme for Riccochet’s Channel 4, called Sun, Sea and Selling houses in 2016.  Sadly the file is too big to upload on here.  I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 day experience and would be very happy to do something similar or even try something new.

I’m not currently working, as I’m recovering from breast cancer, I’m very fortunate and for that reason I grabbing ‘life by the horns’ as I’ve always tried to do, only ramp it up a bit more. To keep my little grey cells ticking over I’ve been studying, Food and nutrition, Dementia and Caring for children and young adults .  My hope is to be able to use these new found skills to help me get back into work, whilst supporting my elderly relatives.  My previous work experience has been quite varied but has always involved working in a customer focused environment, from working as a holiday Rep for Thomson holidays, Cabin Crew for United Airlines and Receptionist for the Chelsea Harbour club so I’ve had experience around celebrities and royalty and don’t get fazed easily.  Since then and up until I got sick I was working for various IT companies as a project manager.  My dream job would involve traveling abroad and working with disadvantaged children, whilst having fun.  My ultimate aim is to get to Peru and work a for a Children’s orphanage whilst sight seeing.

I have just recently move from London to Windsor, Berkshire, most of my family still live in London and I was born there, so not only know it well but visit on a regular basis.  My features predominately come from my mother who is Chilean and my fair skin must come from my Scottish father, not your average mix.

I’m looking for a fresh challenge and hope to gain as much experience as possible, do feel free to contact me, if you would like to know more.


Warmest regards,



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